SPECIAL OFFER - for loyal & longtime festival guests



Please find all festival details on www.algarve.smoothjazzfestival.de.

+49 821 2292711
or per E-Mail: shop@smooth-entertainment.eu


*** A SPECIAL OFFER for our loyal and longtime festival guests ***

Book your hotel package NOW, even before the regular booking sale starts on 23. February 2019 and get the following benefits:

1) Preferred seat assignment
First come, first served. BUT your seat request takes priority over the seat request from new guests.

2) Complimentary bottle of wine
One bottle of fine wine will welcome you on your hotel room.
(one bottle per booked hotel package)

3) 50,00 Euro voucher
On hotel packages for our upcoming MALLORCA SMOOTH JAZZ FESTIVAL 2020!!!
(one voucher per booked hotel package)

This offer is valid
from 20. February 2019 at 20:00 h Central Europe
(11 am US Pacific / 2pm US Eastern / 7pm UK)
until 22. February 2019 at 24:00 h Central Europe (3pm US Pacific / 6pm US Eastern / 11pm UK).


How to book a festival package?

  1. Choose your specific package in the list below.
  2. Define the number of persons in your room.
  3. Get an price overview. Choose the hotel and room category.
  4. On the next page you can see all included details. Here you can also define your individual arrival and departure dates (drop-down menus), if you need any extra nights - the price is updated automatically. Then click on 'Add to basket'.
  5. If you wish, add further products to the basket. Then click 'Display basket' on the left to complete your order.
  6. In the shopping basket: Please control your products and choose the payment method (drop-down menu). Below there is a space for your comments - e. g. your preferred seats. Click on 'Check out' to finalise your order and fill in your details in the following steps.


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